Breakfast of Champions

21 10 2009

I am not a breakfast guy. That is, unless you count a late Sunday Champagne Brunch as breakfast. What I write and concentrate on preparation-wise is lunchtime/dinner time items. Generally, being up early, it’s a pot o’ Joe for me until late morning. However, I was reading an article by the venerable Dr. Oz this am and he spoke of the importance of breakfast. Now, whether you are an Oprah screaming supporter or really pay no attention to the man behind the surgical mask, Dr. Oz does raise an interesting discussion point. He states his usual breakfast is “steel-cut oatmeal, usually mixed with raisins, walnuts, and flaxseed oil.” Now that may be a little too granola or tasteless for some, but I think his general concept is right, with one important caveat. As I mentioned, when I get up early I am not hungry. But I do get “the munchies” in the late morning. I recommend listening to your body. In general, I eat when I am hungry, not at specific times. This can set a response in which you are “hungry” because it is “time” to eat instead of hungry because it is actually time for you to eat. So if you’re like me and not a breakfast person when you get up-don’t eat if you don’t want to eat. Where I think Dr. Oz has a point, is that when you do get hungry in the morning that is the perfect time for a sensible snack/meal. I may not really want an apple or banana for dessert after dinner, but as a mid-morning stop on the Crazy Train it makes perfect sense; even a quick bowl of healthy cereal (including oats, etc.) is not only tolerable but can be quite delicious this time of day. So whatever time of the morning is right for your “breakfast” (Since the term literally means to break the fast from sleeping the night before whenever you eat the first meal it is “breakfast”), the take away point for me from Ozzy’s message is to err on the healthful side. Keep the Eggs Benedict, bacon, sausage, French toast, etc. for the occasional Sunday Brunch. Absolutely stay away from the fast food “breakfast sandwiches” unless you’d like your intestines to experience the equivalent of an attack by the Flying Monkeys. I think this is a good 90/10 rule, follow it 90% of the time, enjoy the occasional Champagne Sunday Brunch and as my generally healthful friend pointed out on Face Book this morning, every so often you just have to have chocolate cake for breakfast.




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