21 Days

30 11 2009

In the spirit of yesterday’s blog, and the latest episode of “Family Guy”, Doc has a 21 Day proposal. Starting today, for the next 3 weeks, Doc is going to show you how tasty healthy eating can be and how you will enjoy that Christmas feast even  more by welcoming it as a vacation and not just the pinnacle of gluttony. We’ll be going vegetarian (still with dairy, nothing radical or “just nuts” here) for 21 days. We won’t bother with breakfast and lunch (often consisting of cereal, fruit and  salad anyway). We will share with you what we did for the previous day’s dinner with the recipe-so you can follow along if you like. If you want a head start, tonight will use the basic risotto recipe (and video is available as well), so you can check that out in the sidebar.




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