The Drive Part 2-The Cape of Good Hope

24 01 2010

We now take you to The Cape of Good Hope. The whole area is a large National Park, and we met the “guardian baboons” as we entered. They roam quite freely here. Then it is onto The Cape of Good Hope, an odd name considering its history. Here, through the raw power of nature much of the destiny of mankind was shaped. It was because of the geography (and the lack of a Suez Canal) at the time that Europeans were forced around this treacherous cape to trade with India and Asia. Here the Atlantic meets the Indian Ocean and the result are truly treacherous currents. Although, as Reggie explained, there is ongoing debate as to whether that occurs here or at Cape Agulhas. Regardless, here  lies the remains of many a wreck. which have been occurring since the cape was first  conquered  in 1488 by Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias. He originally named the cape, The Cape of Storms (for obvious reasons). But the King of Portugal (John II)  wanted a positive spin on things to encourage continued traffic on the trade route (politics never changes) so he renamed it the Cape of Good Hope.  Through this path the first slaves (which were actually from India, Asia and Indonesia) were brought to Capetown. You can get an appreciation as you gaze out from the Cape over the ocean (next stop that way, Antarctica). And if the weather is right, and your eye sharp enough, legend says you may catch a glimpse of the ship forever cursed to sail the perilous waters around The Cape unsuccessfully. And if you harken your ear the wind may carry you the curses of those damned sailors of The Flying Dutchman….




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6 02 2010

wow…that sounds amazing. cant wait to hear all about it.

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