Simple Days

28 01 2010

Some times you just have to simplify. That doesn’t mean you slack off, take short cuts or take the easy way. For me, it means you get back to basics. Recently I have been experimenting with using the food and flavors of our recent South African trip. Just like you can   fatigue your nose and taste buds trying to sample too many wines you can exasperate yourself with culinary fatigue. When that happens I go simple. And what is more simple than a loaf of bread; yeast, water and flour. So I pulled the bread recipe from Julia Child’s Cookbook and got to work. The simple ingredients, the dough in your hands and the incredible aroma create a relaxed and happy mindset. All is then rewarded with the simple hot fresh bread and a slather of truffle butter. When it all seems too much, just bake the bread!




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28 01 2010
Chef E

Great minds! I just mentioned that in my latest wine post, I hit ‘fatigue’ during a sharing meal and wine exercise with my ‘Partner In Wine’ Club friend, Adrienne. Sometimes just buttered bread is all I need, and this looks darn good…my fortune reads “Crumbs Landing Chef New Position- Cleanup Director”, but it would be worth it!

We are having our first launching tasting this weekend, and I have been eating simple this week, as a palate fasting exercise…

29 01 2010

Thanks Chef,
i use the same plain bread or cracker trick to relieve taste fatigue as well!

31 01 2010

That is one nice looking baguette, Doc. You are so right about the simplicity of bread. One of my favorite joys in life is fresh baked French bread to munch on while strolling through the side streets of Paris. Simple, delicious and beautiful.

1 02 2010

Me too! I can make a meal on some fresh bread, good cheese and wine. Meal of the Gods!

1 02 2010

great looking bread and wow love that stew I just made colombo for the first time a Caribbean stew looks similar

1 02 2010

Thanks Rebecca,
Winter is such a “stew time”!

1 02 2010

I think truffle butter would wake up any sleepy palate …

1 02 2010

Truffle butter, warm bread and wine. SOmething to liveon and live for!

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