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18 02 2010

Here is the video of the smoked spiced leg of lamb, which we did for Savory Tv over Superbowl weekend.



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18 02 2010
Nour El-Zibdeh

This looks great! We’re from the Middle East and do a lot of lamb cooking. But we get bored of the same spices. We use cardamom, cloves, and all spice, but I never added ginger before… this is delicious. My husband will love it! will definitely try it the next time we have family over

18 02 2010

Thanks, I hope you like it. I love Middle Eastern food. The ginger twist is a South African influence from when I visited there.

18 02 2010
Cajun Chef Ryan

Great video Doc! Love me some smoked lamb and this one looks great too with that great homemade rub, oh….and don’t forget Doc’s African spice blend!
I like the idea of keeping the bone-in to help add flavor during the smoking. I have always completely removed the bones, makes it easier to slice for restaurant plate presentation.

Great sauce too Doc! Shallots, garlic and rosemary always starts off a great sauce. Demi glace is a great flavor enhancement too!
Geaux Saints!

20 02 2010

Thanks Chef,
A sacrificial lamb for a Saint’s Victory was a delicious trade!

19 02 2010
Chef E

Wow what a great recipe video! I had to laugh though it looked like you were smokin’ up some Doc on the patio!

You are a natural on the video…

20 02 2010


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