Worth Its Weight

24 02 2010

From spicelines.com

Everybody loves salt. Everybody needs salt. How much is enough and how much is too much. As a chef I encourage people to season every layer of their cooking for maximum flavor. As a physician, especially as an interventional cardiologist, I am often asked how to limit, or how much to limit salt intake. It is a confusing conundrum. Over the next several days, I’d like to try to answer, from both ends of the equation. We will attempt a bipartisan solution by exploring the brief history of salt, its vital role in our well-being, and how too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing. So check back over the next several days as we take on this topic in well seasoned bites.




6 responses

24 02 2010

there was a great piece on this in the New York Times today looking forward to hearing your take on it

25 02 2010

Thanks-I’ll copunt on my RD friend to keep me honest now!

24 02 2010
Chef E

I also just got a box full of sixteen salts from myspacesage.com, so I am also doing a piece, maybe a salt tasting, not sure yet!

You do know I was joking on the taco taco post? 🙂 OH btw go over to http://tmi-chef.blogspot.com I got another food poem published and you will like this one!

25 02 2010

Love the food porn jokes, it was hard for me to keep it PG! will check out poem-CONGRATS!

24 02 2010
Chef E

PS That photo rocks!

25 02 2010

Very punny

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