Copmputer Code Blue

11 03 2010

OK, we’re back. Computer underwent an emergent crash and turns out video card fried. We are back up now (on old seriel not digital connection) and have some new goodies in am!

Now-it’s whine o’clock, I mean WINE O’Clock!




6 responses

11 03 2010

its only been about 30 hours – you should be ok – wine down and stop your wine – ing – its a win(e) win(e) situation.

11 03 2010

Good advice, you win(e) some, then you win(e) some more!

12 03 2010
Chef E

I am telling you two, I am booking you guys as a comedy act, Laurel and Hardy already taken, you will have to go with Dog & Doc…

12 03 2010

The they may think the Bounty Hunter is out to get me.

13 03 2010

Oh lord, that is true…I wonder if that guy will ever stop bleaching his hair. Here is an idea you wear a blond mullet and chase him…nah, some ideas are better left in the head!

Working on getting you up on Tuesday on PIWC!

15 03 2010

Let me know!

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