A Touch of Basil

3 04 2010

Have you been reading Basil Magazine? Of course! The you saw Doc’s recent interview! If you have just crawled out from a rock and haven’t been there; hit the basil logo and jump over. For those too lazy to navigate to Doc’s interview; here’s the direct link:

Doc’s Basil Magazine Interview



6 responses

3 04 2010

your awesome great interview

4 04 2010

Thanks Rebecca!

4 04 2010

Great post! Now I am ready for some basil to grow in this sunshine!

Have you had Iron Horse before?

Chef E

4 04 2010

Yes, the Wedding cuvee; I thought it was quite nice

4 04 2010

Pfftt! or as we say in Lebanese “yawayleh yawayleh” expression of amazement, admiration and plain bewilderment! I am gonna have to tell my interventional cardiologist bro to check you out! How do you do it?????? read the interview and checked out the TV demo
I know: you have an overabundance of iron in your blood! lol

5 04 2010

Thanks! I’d love to meet your bro sometime; tell him to check it out and maybe we can catch up at a meeting sometime. BTW I love that lamb recipe (and anything that braises for hours in a Dutch oven!)

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