8 05 2010

Fresh and hot from the oven, duck confit

You can confit just about anything. To confit simply means to cook it slowly in its own fat. But really, what is better  than duck confit? This is another thing that sounds complicated (probably because it’s in French), but is actually very easy to do.

From the duck  we broke down in the previous post, I like to use the legs, thighs and wings to confit.

  • Heat the oven to 225 degrees F
  • Add 2 cloves smashed garlic
  • One shallot, roughly chopped
  • Three to five thyme sprigs
  • Two tsp salt

I also like to take any extra fat (usually I take the skin as there is a layer of fat underneath) and pack that in as well so there is enough fat to cook the meat submerged in the fat. Then allow it to cook for two or three hours.

Viola, confit!




10 responses

8 05 2010

I used to confit chicken and garlic (separate confit) all the time – time to get back to the fat…this is such an old world dish and I love it.

10 05 2010

@DB: Can’t beat the basics

9 05 2010

I never bothered to learn about confit because it was so readily available in France; then I also thought it was a long and complicated operation; you have opened my eyes, thank you!

10 05 2010

@TOB: It’s so easy and sooo gooood;-)

9 05 2010

We save all juices when roasting (mostly birds) and allow to cool. I will skim the fat off for my husband to confit (appropriately similar species) meats and I will use the remainder for stocks. Does is matter if the fat used to confit has already been rendered once?

10 05 2010

@BB: Thanks-I think you do not want to use the fats too many times as each time it is heated it breaks down and can change chemical composition.

9 05 2010

cool now I know the meaning love learning from your blog

10 05 2010

@Blackstar: Thanks, now, when are those truffles in….

11 05 2010

My job at a place here in Princeton was to confit- I love eating it, but hated putting my hands in that cold tub in the cooler each night, lol! We also did fresh wild game sausages for pub platters, I loved the flavors of those meats!

11 05 2010

So that’s why you have the hands of a 16yo!! I thought it was the palmolive….

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