Simple and Fresh

26 05 2010


In our zest for “the next great thing” we sometimes overlook the obvious. Here’s a a very simple dish, but it is made great by the quality of the ingredients and the precision of preparation. Grass fed organic free range rib eye grilled medium rare, fresh green beans parboiled then sauteed lightly with a  little truffle butter and a red wine blue cheese mushroom sauce. Simple, straightforward and delicious; do we need a lot more?

And speaking of all we really need, please check us out on Foodierama. It is an awesome site, and as they say:

“Foodierama brings you the best of the cooking web-sphere at a glance. We aim at being the perfect homepage for food and cooking enthusiasts worldwide. We routinely scan the highest quality sources on food, cooking and culinary lifestyle on the web and bring you the latest articles and updates in one graphic front page. Think of us as a virtual portal enabling you to discover new ideas, recipes and sources everytime you go online.

In addition, Foodierama includes an intuitive logo-based directory of the best food sites on the web. Clicking on a logo brings you to the target site, and the next time you visit Foodierama your recently visited sites logos will appear on top. Registered users can also add their own personal links to the top of the directory. Last but not least, Foodierama includes a specialized food search engine based on Google search. Using the search box at the top of the page users can perform either a regular Google search or a food related search that will only show results from the best food sources on the web.”

Just click on the badge to the right and take a spin!




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27 05 2010

This site looks good!

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