On Air Update

12 06 2010

Hey Food Nation! Here’s a quick update on our on-air projects and where they are:

  • Episode 2 of Code Delicious, From Beak to Tail Feathers,  should be available to view (for free as always) Monday at www.tampabay.com or just check back on the blog Monday and view directly from the site
  • Episodes 7-12 will complete filming this week and play Starting September 2010. With the kitchen basics learned  from Episodes 1-6 under your belt, we’ll move on to preparing delicious and healthful meals Grassroots Gourmet style
  • We have been given the opportunity to film a pilot for local TV, House Calls. We will start filming late July/ early August. More on that as it develops!



3 responses

12 06 2010

very cool

12 06 2010
Chef E

Good luck, I look forward to all that you do!

13 06 2010

House Calls. Good name. Be sure to let us know where to find it for live streaming. Break a leg, Doc!!! =)

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