“and you’re on the air with….”

28 06 2010

Well, it won’t be Frazier Crane, but please do tune in or better yet call in this evening to BasilMagazine Radio Blog at 6:30pm (Eastern). The call in number is: 347.637.2315.

 I hope to speak with y’all soon!

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4 responses

28 06 2010

I have to attend a wine event this evening and I will miss your show – will it be recorded?

28 06 2010

@DB: Yes-you can go back to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/basil_magazine anytime and listen. Have a glass for me!

1 07 2010

I had open mic and want to share with you- I found out that Alan Bradford who came to Grovers Mill open mic on Tues, and I saw him last night (he writes songs for famous country and Harry Chapin in the day) has the same heart disease I am raising money for, that Ane and Anjali had! He and I had a heartfelt conversation, what a wonderful guy he is.

Doc your great, keep up the good work!

Chef E

I am going over to listen to you now :)

5 07 2010

I will listen as soon as I can get internet at home that won’t be drowned out by the sound of football games or the news. Soon

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