The Status Quo

1 07 2010

“He knows change isn’t permanent

But Change is””

-RUSH, Tom Sawyer (from the Moving Pictures Album)

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I hope those of you that were able to tune in enjoyed the radio program earlier this week. For those that didn’t, if you go to you can view the archive and listen. I got some great feedback and seems lots of people enjoyed our discussion. I also know I pissed some people off; and I’ve been reflecting on that.

The Status Quo.

The recommendations for both cookery and health have been firmly established for many years. Many people have large investments in keeping things they way they are. It is the status quo, and the status quo is like a large rock. It is, as Newton might surmise, a  body at rest which will tend to remain at rest until acted on by an outside force. There is much out there we don’t know, there is much out there that is known data but not widely publicized and there are things we accept today as fact which will be proven to be wrong. It is up to us to ask questions, offer hypothesis and challenge the conventional wisdom; even if it makes some folks uneasy. So if you disagree, good-drop a comment and let’s discuss. Let’s just continue to move forward for maintenance of the status quo at all costs is to disavow change. That is something the Universe will not permit, nor should we.




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2 07 2010

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