All that Glitters…

10 07 2010

Snapple Puss

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Okay, I’ve got to comment on this article making headlines; “Sweet Drinks May Reduce Office Stress and Aggression.”

“Wow!” you say, finally some data supporting the benefits of soothing, cool and refreshingly pleasing sweet drinks. This has to be real good science since it comes from The University of South Wales and Queensland and was published in The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. Hold on; Snapplepuss-let’s look a little more closely.

The study gave some participants lemonade with sugar and some with artificial sweetener. The study participants then had to perform tension-producing tasks before giving a presentation. They were criticized or provoked during their presentations. Those that drank the real sugar lemonade were less likely to get angry than those who drank the artificially sweetened drink. The author’s concluded “(w)hen provocation is likely — for example, when encountering a difficult supervisor at a work meeting — drinking a sweetened beverage prior to this encounter might increase one’s ability to effectively inhibit aggressive impulses.” Well, let’s change the parameters a bit, hypothetically of course. Now if I gave a bunch of folks a couple of Amsterdam Coffee Shop Happy Sticks to smoke or some Amsterdam (sugar free) brownies I bet their stress levels would be low as well. I bet their aggressive impulse levels would drop as well. I think that study was well done by Professors Cheech and Chong. Here’s the common thread; sugar consumption of the highly refined white type triggers neural pathways similar to the way opioid (narcotic type drugs) and other types of happy pills work on the brain.

News flash-Stoners are a mellow and apathetic group (but generally fun to be around unless you’re trying to eat pizza-or anything else).

My interpretation of the data; by triggering similar pathways the “sugar high” made the study group that got the sugar, well, “high” compared to the artificial sweetener group. It seems that the real data emerging on the “white powder” is that it can have some serious long term health consequences for heavy (ab)users, as we’ve noted in some recent posts.

So all that glitters is not gold and all that’s sweet…well I was going somewhere with that but after a Cinnabon and real sugar lemonade infusion, I don’t know and I don’t care.




6 responses

10 07 2010

I’ll have the brownies, please. 😉

10 07 2010

@Suse:mmmmm, brownies…

10 07 2010

I think having a really good stash of brownies in the office is a very good idea!! Now all I have to do is find someone to make them for me!! Hint Hint.

12 07 2010

@Tracey: I don’t think those kind of brownies are good for the office!
@Joumana: I think you can have chocolate, which is very beneficial. Although the devil (Food that is), is in the details, I think a large problem is not with the sugar but the overprocessing and refinement. I try to use raw sugars where I can-although I realize that can be very difficult in baking. And just a little chocolate never hurt anyone;-)

12 07 2010

Thanks Doc for introducing me to Snapple Puss; he sounds like the kind of jolly fellow I seek out.
I am always craving chocolate; what do I do? Is there a pill that i can take to stop this addiction or do I have to tough it out? and no, i don;t want to eat the 80% cocoa stuff, either!

13 07 2010

“News flash-Stoners are a mellow and apathetic group (but generally fun to be around unless you’re trying to eat pizza-or anything else).”

Laughing is good for the soul and health, so thanks for that great big belly laughing out loud I just did when I read this line in your post…

Chef E

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