The TRUTH about The Real Truth of Sugar

15 07 2010

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Information is a good thing. Mis-information can become demagoguery. Pronouncing truth is a good thing. Claiming truth and spouting useless hack can become blatant BS. So let’s look at the timely article (The Truth About Sugar)   claiming to tell us the “5 Truths about Sugar” and see if it is the real deal or just some sugar coating on the same pile of BS.

Overview: The author speaks of the need for glucose that it is “fundamental fuel for body and brain” quoting David Levitsky, Ph.D., a professor of psychology and nutritional sciences at Cornell University. That is true. What they don’t tell you is that most sugar, specifically highly refined white sugar is not glucose. It is sucrose (also known as saccharose) and contains both glucose and fructose. While providing a rapid rise in blood glucose levels, metabolism of sucrose is more complicated than that of isolated glucose. BS+1

Truth 1: The article goes on to say “Sugar Doesn’t Cause Diabetes, Too much sugar does.” No. An inability to handle glucose due to defects in the insulin receptors (type 1 diabetes) or the development of resistance (type 2 diabetes) causes diabetes. This results in a complex pathology involving many types of hormones and enzymes.  This results in the complex and devastating complications of diabetes. The articles advice- drop pounds if you are overweight. A good idea, but a bit pedantic and completely unrelated to their mis-information. BS+2

Truth 2: Next is the bombshell that “Simply Avoiding High-Fructose Corn Syrup Won’t Save You from Obesity.” Duh. The revelation continues with “”Obesity is about consuming too many calories,” quoting Lillian Lien, M.D., the medical director of inpatient diabetes management at the Duke University. Well, yes as we pointed out in the strictest sense that is true. However, we also pointed out the many complex variables within that equation-not even touching on all the emotional connections to eating we all share. So the article concludes truth number 2 by noting that “What matters…(is) how much we allow down our throats.” Really? Sugar is also addicting as Hell. I suppose this is the same brain trust that concluded all crack addicts have to do is just say “No” and we won’t have anyone wanting anymore crack. Genius. BS+3

Truth 3: Truth 3 I that “Too Much Sugar Fills Your Blood with Fat.” True, and the excess is often stored in the form of fat in your body. The article recommends that if “you’re one of those overweight people, your first step is to lay off sugary and starchy foods, beer, and sweet drinks.” Not exactly a rocket science, but we’ll throw the dog a bone. Real Deal +1

Truth 4: I‘ve read this one several times and I still have no freaking idea what in Hades they are getting at. Yes, “Too Much Sugar Stresses Your System.” What that has to do with asking for an oral glucose tolerance test I do not know. They miss all the indications for such a test and the fact that you can go ahead and ask for it, and get it. But no insurance company, including Uncle Sam will pay for it without proper indications. You will get the bill-now that would be a stress test. BS+4

Truth 5: As always, save the best for last; “Avoid Blood Sugar Spikes, Fewer Blood Sugar Spikes Help You Live Longer  If you live large—big meals, lots of beer, little moderation—you may be shortening your life even if your weight is okay.” Translation: If you live like a rock star you may die young. Advice, if you live like a rock star party like Keith Richards and join the preserved forever petrified Undead. Tweens and Twilight Forever. Jesus, the Einsteinian solution these rocketeers make? Moderation. Well, I cannot disagree with that so we’ll call the last one a draw.

What Really Matters: Where the Hell you get your Information.



5 responses

15 07 2010

you make me smile but its shocking what folks tell people to do good job your a evidence based medicine Doc and awesome chef lol

16 07 2010

Keith Richards, the world’s oldest living cadaver. If he doesn’t donate his body to some medical school it would be a crying shame.

Here is my latest sore subject. I like a little half ‘n half with my cup of coffee in the morning and, I thought I was doing okay using the non-fat variety… until I read the label. High-fructose corn syrup. Screw it. I switched to the real stuff. A tablespoon a day won’t kill me.

16 07 2010

My brother (the one who is not a cardiologist) has been talking a lot about this book written by a Dr. Johnson called the Sugar Fix in which the ill effects of high fructose corn syrup are discussed in great detail; I am going to send him your thoughts on it as well.
I have been baking with different types of molasses here in the mountain; hope that stuff is good at least!

18 07 2010

I wrote a piece a while back called ‘Sugar is Sugar’ because I hear people will eat more of one than another thinking its okay, when it still should be a portion control issue as well. Great piece!

Now I want some sugar…hubby where are you? LOL really naturally good kind!

Chef E

25 07 2010
Importance of Alkalinity — FITNESS ADVICE

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