11 09 2010

Today, we are all New Yorkers, all Americans. Please click to play

911-Powerpoint  Presentation




7 responses

11 09 2010
Larry Lobacz

Hello Mike,

I hope all is well. Really enjoying your recipes.

Great 911 presentation, well done.

Thanks for the reminder of how awful it was and how lucky we are.


11 09 2010

@Larry: Thx! Hope all is well. Keep spreading the word!
@Rico: Thanks!
@Brad: Appreciate the comment and tweet!

12 09 2010
Jen Fletcher

I remember where I was when the first plane hit; just out shopping in town. I remember getting home and seeing what had happend and watching stunned as the news relayed what was going on 5,000 miles away.
Each time I get on a plane, I remember how that day changed how we live as a global community. I sincereley hope that the wonders and innovations the Moslem world has brought the West over the centuries (such as astronomy, algebra, engineering) will not be forever overshadowed by the acts of a few extremists who are so twisted they have forgotten the total message of the religion the puport to follow, and just manipulate a fraction of it to feed their hate and paranoia.
May peace, tolerance and understanding be with everyone.
In that spirit of cultural understanding (this being a food blog!) moslem and middle eastern cuisine is fantastic, tasty and varied both savoury and sweet. How about some middle eastern/ western fusion recipies, Dr. Mike?

13 09 2010

@Jen: Well said. As for recipes give the hummus a try-great & simple starter!
@Caveman: never get tired of the positive feedback!

13 09 2010
Jen Fletcher

Way ahead of you Dr. Mike… funnily enough hummus is a tastier version of the old fashioned pease pudding my gran used to make. One question though, is there a way of reducing the ammount of digestive gas chick peas or dried pulses in general tend to create?

13 09 2010

@Jen: Good job! Yes, if you buy the dry beans and then soak them you will notice a foam on the water. Change the water several times. Then as you bring the rehydrated beans up to a rapid boil, drop the heat and if you simmer change that water once or twice.

13 09 2010
Jen Fletcher

Ahah! Thank you, I’ll give the pre soaking a go. 🙂 I use a pulse mix in casseroles a lot but I have tended to throw it in straight out of the packet since it cooks in the 2 hours it is in the oven.

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