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25 09 2010

We finished filming our second pilot and we’ll  be sharing recipes, pics, etc. all weekend and next week long. We also had our first article published in the Tampa Tribune as a contributor to the health and fitness section. Here’s the  link: 

Doc’s Tampa Tribune Article

Please note, paragraph 4 should read weight in kg divided by height in meters, not inches. There is an English pound/inch version; but no kg/inch version (I wish we could all just get along!)





3 responses

25 09 2010

So sorry we missed your taping, Doc. My AC decided to die yesterday and, of course, the repairman didn’t get here in time. Raincheck!

26 09 2010

As usual, Doc, a good mix of knowledge and common sense. I particularly appreciate the nod that athletes might have a high BMI. A good indicator should be just that….an indicator. Looking forward to more from you!

27 09 2010

@BB: Thx-and thx for the p-Burgh shrimp inspiration, we taped it for the show!

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