What’s Good for the Gander-I’ll Drink to That….

6 10 2010

A quick update on what has become a fairly regular story here: moderate alcohol intake is good for you. Yet another in the long list of studies we have reviewed has found this to be true. A recent study done by Brighham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and published this month in Heart Rhythm looked at the incidence of sudden cardiac death. The study examined data from over 85,000 women who participated in the Nurses’ Health Study. Unlike having a heart attack, this end point looks at people who collapse suddenly and die, with the determined or presumed cause being a lethal heart rhythm. That rhythm can be due, among other things, to a massive heart attack. 

“In this study, we wanted to look at the association of moderate alcohol intake and the risk of sudden cardiac death in women. We found a U-shaped association between alcohol and sudden cardiac death,” said Dr. Stephanie Chiuve, “which means that too little or too much alcohol intake was associated with a higher risk of sudden cardiac death than moderate intake of alcohol.”

When women consumed 1/2 to one drink per day their risk of sudden cardiac death dropped by 36%. However, when they drank more than 2 drinks per day than the risk actually increased to 15% above those who abstain. I think that may reflect sudden surprise, stress hormone deluge  and resultant cardiac arrhythmia from finding out in the morning who/what they woke up next to-Coyote Ugly cuts both ways (and is a known cause of intense psychological stress).




One response

6 10 2010

I just found out my blood sugar has gone up seriously- How can one moderately drink with blood sugar problems? I do not want to take the drugs, so I am going to hit the gym more…have one for me for now…the kebabs look freaking wonderful!

Chef E

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