Doc on Daytime video

20 10 2010

For those that missed the segment on national TV last week, here’s the clip. Please enjoy and let us know your thoughts!



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21 10 2010
Caveman Cooking

Great job, Doc! That soup looks amazing, and you demonstrated it like a pro!!

21 10 2010

@Chef E-You are an inspiration-Keep Going!
@Jen: Thanks Jen, It was a 1 shot deal with no rehersals!
@Suse: Thanks, now if I can get it to the Cooking Channel!

21 10 2010
Jen Fletcher

Excellent! Great point on the salt; when I first started cooking everything from fresh I ended up getting really bad headaches after exercise. Turns out I was becoming hyposaline and my GP told me to add more salt into my diet. What he didn’t add was to use unrefined salt -which has a wider mineral profile than refined table salt. The headaches went as soon as I balance my blood electrolytes.
This is such an important area for healthy eating and dispelling the misinformation miasma, I’m so glad you are covering it. 🙂
The soup looks great too, squash are one of those things I’ve looked at in the greengrocer’s and not realy known what to do with; I’ll be giving it a try for sure.

21 10 2010

Dang! You’re good! Doin’ it like the pros on the cookin’ channel. Mmmhm.

21 10 2010

very good, tweeted and linked to facebook, yep pumpkin and squash is bigger in the US

21 10 2010

wow, you looked great in your grubs showing America how to cook a fresh and delicious soup! loved the little touches like adding leeks and a touch of wine. You’re a pro.

21 10 2010
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23 10 2010

You were super! I love the added health points. It must be hard to be interrupted by the hosts, but you still got your points in there and related well to what they were saying. Bravo!!

26 10 2010

@ BB:Thanks-much appreciated! I had no idea what they were going to do, showed up, set up and then everyone walked up and said you have 4:30 seconds, do your best!

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