Don’t Believe Everything You Read (except here)

13 12 2010

Ever wonder about all the claims that various products tout? How a bowl of this or a bar of that can reduce cholesterol, prevent heart attacks or otherwise make you immortal? Well, it’s about to potentially get muddier, if that’s possible. For the last decade or so, the FDA has permitted the companies that produce some products containing phytosterols (plant products similar in composition to cholesterol) to claim that these products “can reduce cholesterol and heart disease risks if a full day’s dose is taken in twice-a-day servings.” At the request of Unilever, a huge multinational food conglomerate, the FDA is looking at changes to allow more products to make these claims[i]. The problem is that many of these claims are based on the products containing phytosterols; not on any actual verified benefit. These products often contain many other natural and artificial products and thus the actual benefits, if any, are not verified. Purchase products based on what you know about them, what they contain (or don’t) and not on hypothetical benefits. The ancient rules still apply: Caveat Emptor!


[i] (CQ Healthbeat, 2010)




One response

13 12 2010

Hey Doc, my full-fat, high sugar, high fructose corn syrup, ice cream-like frozen non dairy product now contains phytosterols. Should I have two big ‘ole heaping helpings every day?

Nah. Just kidding. 😉

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