ACDC-It is a Disease

5 02 2011

There is a new disease in town, ACDC or arterial calcification due to CD73 deficiency. As an interventional cardiologist I very often see people with varying degrees of calcium deposits in the walls of their arteries. The incidence seems to increase with age and we know the presence of calcium in the walls of the arteries tends to cause them to become stiffer and less distensible. This loss of distensibility or elasticity has been shown to correlate with increased cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Interestingly, the presence of these calcium deposits did not necessarily correlate with dietary intake of calcium, calcium rich foods or other types of risk factors. The New England Journal of Medicine recently reported on a finding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Almost 30 years ago a Kentucky woman in her 20s began to experience unexplained leg pain and she was noticed to have extensive arterial wall calcifications. Researchers scanned her genome and found a “mutation in a gene (NT5E) that prevents calcium from depositing in blood vessels.” Looking at women that have presented with similar findings, it has been discovered that there is a mutation in the gene that codes for a protein known as CD73, which is a “protein that protects arteries against calcification.” Now that the cause is known for this apparently recessively inherited disease, work has started on a cure. And you thought it was ACDC was choice, it is not, it IS Rock and Roll!



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5 02 2011

That’s it! I am linking you to my brother (who has a blog too, only strictly medical-jargonned, ie, can’t read it)

6 02 2011
What's Cooking with Dr. Mike: The Grassroots Gourmet™

Oh no! I feel like you are putting me in blog time-out!

6 02 2011
ACDC-It is a Disease « What's Cookin' with Dr. Mike: The … | Best of ACDC

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7 02 2011

Shoot a little Lime-A-Way in there. Works for the shower door.


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