A Cup o’ Joe Can Save Your Brain

12 03 2011

Sometimes the best part of waking up is simply knowing you don’t have to; but for those days when the alarm clock rings (or the pager, or the phone…) that cup of java can do more than just transport you from the land of pillowy dreams back into reality. It may actually save your brain. A recent Swedish study examined almost 35,000 women who consumed at least 1 cup of coffee per day[i]. Over a ten year period, they found a 24% reduction in the incidence of stroke. This reduction was present even after adjustment for other risk factors like tobacco use (smoking), body mass index (BMI), diabetes, hypertension or use of alcohol. Although the weakness of the study was that it relied on self-reporting, the implications are interesting. This study is consistent with a previous study finding about a 30% stroke risk reduction for coffee drinkers[ii]. Other studies have had more mixed results. While the exact agent responsible for the benefit is unclear, coffee does contain beneficial compounds such as phenols. A clear exception of benefit would be those with tiger blood; it does not seem that even Juan Valdez and his burro load of coffee could return Sheen to Charlie’s rep.

[i] (Larsson & Virtamo, 2011)

[ii] (Li & etal, 2010)




4 responses

12 03 2011

fun news for coffee lovers

14 03 2011

I guess that does not apply to decaf? Too bad ’cause that’s all I drink; funny comment about Sheen 🙂

14 03 2011

Wow, that first sentence pretty much sums up my life…
I’m more of a tea person, though I do like a good strong cup of java now and then. But there’s always so much controversy – first it’s good for you, then it isn’t. Everything in moderation I guess.
Love the Charlie Sheen quip!

14 03 2011

Good to know my two Joes in the am are good for me. Thanks for the reinforcement. I’d bet an American dollar that it mixes well with tiger blood. Yep.

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