25 03 2011

Still got those leftover veggies-Try a stir-fry. Here’s one with a  little fresh and tender chicken. The sauce? Soy, sake, rice wine vinegar, salt, pepper, ginger, garlic, cilantro and sesame oil. Place a little star anise in the rice when you steam for a gentle flavor addition. I reduced the sauce in the wok with a  little corn starch in cold water. If you like a little heat, add some chilies to the sauce as well. Who needs delivery!



2 responses

27 03 2011

Fabulous. Easy and economical! I’ll lay odds you’d say it’s good for us, too.

28 03 2011
What's Cooking with Dr. Mike: The Grassroots Gourmet™

Thanks Barb-You’re spot on that, you know me too well!

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