Lindsey’s Luscious Lamb

28 04 2011

There was a lot of help for today’s post. First I borrowed some alliteration from Christo over at Chez What for the title. Then we had a little leftover Easter lamb; that scrumptious cherry balsamic apple wood smoked lamb (video from nationally syndicated Southern Living’s Daytime TV to be up shortly). Finally, I had a most excellent sous chef visiting. Lindsey whipped up some spinach pasta from scratch and stuffed some raviolis with the lamb and demi-glace. She also fixed a garden fresh red sauce and topped the ensemble off with some fresh grated Manchego cheese (sheep’s milk cheese) from Spain.  It was a feast fit for earthly kings-and beyond!




4 responses

28 04 2011

Looks and sounds heavenly~ I was just thinking the other day about incorporating more manchego in my cooking! This dish looks so delicate, yet bursting with assertive flavors.

29 04 2011
What's Cooking with Dr. Mike: The Grassroots Gourmet™

@TOB: Thx!
@ BB: moved to USC in 9th, so my 6th grade teacher was in NJ!

28 04 2011

Mmmm. Looks fabulous. Do you have mail order, yet?

29 04 2011

Lindsey’s luscious lamb lingers longingly luringly and lastly leadingly – and now one last “L” lemme get some!

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