Doc’s Chili Powder

19 07 2011

This is for my new friends who got an impromptu cooking class in the check out aisle while I was purchasing my chilis to make some chili powder. I make my own because I use it fairly frequently, making it yourself is incredibly easy, it costs a fraction of the prepared version and is 1000 times better. I find the prepared version are often pale in the flavor department. In addition, because they often grind the stems along with the flesh of the peppers, to me they can have a bit of a bitter taste. This version is a flavorful, mildly spicy version. Feel free to experiment with the world of dried chili peppers (easily found in most markets or Latin groceries).

Doc’s Chili Powder:

  • 2 oz each of the following chilies:
    • Chipotle  or Pasilla (The chipolte is a smoked jalapeno, the pasilla is a dried chilaca pepper)
    • Ancho (The ancho is a dried poblano pepper)
    • California (The California is a dried anaheim pepper)

Remove stems and seeds. Weigh out 2 ounces of each. Place all the chilies in a food processor or spice mill and grind until the consistency is that of a fine powder. Using a medium sieve, run the powder through to remove any large parts that remain.



2 responses

19 07 2011

looks great and bet it packs a punch what questions do you have about Dairy u might like this article today also on your profile for commenting on blogs link didn’t work you have an f in there in the wrong place

20 07 2011
Joumana Accad

What a swell idea! I need to take advantage of all these dried chilis in Texas and carry my stash all the way to the Middle East soon~

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