Japanese Hybrid

27 07 2011

Thinking about an upcoming visit with a great friend coming over from Japan got me in the mood for some Japanese cuisine. Yet the pantry yielded a few sparse Japanese ingredients, some bits and ends of Chinese fixings and the refrigerator was a reminder I needed to go to the market. Solution:A Japanese Hybrid; a basic miso with somen noodles flavored with some Chinese elements to make it a bit hot and sour. A Nippon-Sino fusion worthy of the Buddha himself!

We took some home made stock and added a little water and brought it up to a boil to dissolve some red miso paste to form our soup base. Quickly turning down the heat we added some somen noodles, chopped veggies (water chestnuts, bamboo slices, carrots, straw and enoki mushrooms, fresh daikon, sliced Chinese cabbage, Chinese woodear, firm tofu and a small serving of pork marinated in soy sauce, ginger, garlic and sake). The soup was finished of with a blend of Srirachi sauce for heat and rice wine vinegar for a bit of tang.





2 responses

27 07 2011

You crack me up! Yep, this is worthy of Buddha himself; I really want to learn to make and appreciate this cuisine, so so foreign to me.

28 07 2011

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