Some Old Clothes

28 08 2011

As Labor Day approaches, it heralds the arrival of fall and the packing away of white pants. To prepare for her arrival we brought out some old clothes. An excellent dish, with many world-wide variations, is old clothes also known by its much tastier Spanish name, Ropa vieja. Here we simply took a wonderful cut of pork shoulder seasoned with Doc’s South African 5 Spice, Doc’s Chili Powder, salt and pepper and braised for several hours on a bed of carrot, onion, leek, celery and garlic. The pork grew tender in some home-made chicken stock and delicious Spanish red wine. We served it with a fall inspired roasted corn and black-eyed pea salsa, all of which was piled upon a home-made flour and corn tortilla. A simple and oh so satisfying way to welcome fall.




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29 08 2011

The photo here reminds me of the brisket that is made in Texas, but extra juicy and flavorful.

30 08 2011

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