Apple Shape, Pear Shape-It’s All Good Health

16 09 2011

The shapes, scents and colors of fall are arriving. Among them are tree ripened fruits like apples and pears. Not only are they delicious in and of themselves, but they make sumptuous additions to salads, main courses and desserts (see the pear and persimmon tartlet post below). In addition to fantastic flavors, apples and pears and other white fleshed fruits may decrease stroke risk.

A Dutch study recently looked to see if there was a relationship between fruits and vegetables of different colors and stroke risk[i]. They examined over 20,000 people aged 20 to 65 who had no previous heart attack or stroke and followed them for about a decade. The data was self-reported. While the stroke rate was only about 1% overall, those who consumed significant amounts of white fleshed fruits and vegetables had that risk lowered by 52%. A consumption of only 25 grams reduced risk by 9%.  A single pear is about 140 grams.

So an apple a day may not only keep the doctor away, but the whole stroke intervention team. That’s a tart I can support.

[i] (Oude Griep, Verschuren, Kromhout, Ocké, & Geleijnse, 2011)



2 responses

16 09 2011

Fantastic news! Apples season is coming and I can go back to eating several a day. Can’t wait!

18 09 2011

he he just tweeted this article thanks for the congrats on the baby great to know u

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