Doc’s Breading Mix

Doc’s Breading Mix

• 1 cup unseasoned breadcrumbs (preferably home-made from sourdough baguette)

• ½ cup crushed corn flakes (unsweetened)

• ½ cup panko

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31 03 2012

I love your philosophy & approach to healthy eating & diets, but in this case I’m not too sure about the panko as they tend to be high in oil/fat content. Re-heating oil (with the exception of stable EVOO) shortens the long chain fatty acids, making them more of a threat to healthy cholesterol functions.
Cornflakes can also contain salt, another hidden danger in modern processed diets.
But I’m sure this recipe is probably a much healthier alternative to what many people are subjecting their bodies to. Thank you

1 04 2012
What's Cooking with Dr. Mike: The Grassroots Gourmet™

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Also,remember that the Grassroots Gourmet philosophy is about moderation and balance. Panko and Doc’s breading mix add an unreproducable delicious crust and texture. The amount of breading used in the preparation is an exceedingly small component of the overall meal; it’s a surgical use of something that is important to make the meal scumptious! Being a Grassroots Gourmet is about enjoyment, not suffering!
Also, any oil-even EVOO- will degrade th heat as they are organic fats. Again, with proper technique frying adds very little fat to a meal. By not heating the oil properly the food will absorb oil making it greasy, unpleasant and unhealthy-not a Grassroots Gourmet meal!

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