Don’t Worry, Be Happy

22 09 2011

Being angry can not only annoy those around you, it really can break your heart. At the recent Heart Failure Society of America meeting the results of a study was presented that examined over 13,000 participants, both men and women. It found that “high levels of anger were associated with a greater risk of developing heart failure.” A study published earlier examined several smaller studies and concluded that higher levels of anger were also associated with a greater risk for the development of coronary artery disease. So partake of the ageless wisdom of Bobby McFerrin, “Don’t worry, Be happy.” It could help save your heart.


Aspirin, Plavix…and a Glass of Red to Wash Them Down

6 06 2011

You may have seen the commercials for aspirin on TV expounding the benefits in heart attack treatment and prevention. You may also have seen a similar message or the medication called Plavix. Both of these are commonly prescribed to treat coronary artery disease and are the definitive treatment du rigueur after we place a coronary stent, or coated metal tube, to help open an artery.

Scientists at LSU recently coated stents with 2 of the compounds commonly found in red wine, resveratrol and quercetin. In a study done in rats, they found these compounds lowered the amount of inflammation found around stents. Early, primary animal model research to be sure, but at least you know what kind of wine to pair with your medication.