Pate a Choux Video

Here’s the requested video forPate a Choux, to make the Gougères


This video doesn’t exist

6 responses

29 08 2009

Excellent video!!!!! Very informative!!!!

30 08 2009

awesome! I am ready to try them now! Being able to see how it’s done makes it MUCH less intimidating! Thanks Doc! I made the roasted corn and tomato soup yesterday and it was INSANELY delicious! The mix of herbs was perfect! Alot of them I had not used before and was afraid it may be overwhelming, but it was the perfect match! I thought that it would make a great sauce to serve over spagetti squash. Maybe leave it a bit chunkier. YUMMO!

30 08 2009

Well done. Easy for anyone to follow.

30 08 2009

Great demo! I feel like a pro and I haven’t even made them yet.

1 09 2009

As a non-cook who’s frquently intimidated by any kind of baking, I feel like I could open up my laptop and watch the demo as I cook! Mike, you’re a great teacher!

1 09 2009

Thanks Jill, now you can use a little sugar instead of savory spices and fill these with whipped cream and chocolate. That’ll give you the energy to run those marathons in reecord time;-)

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