Movin’ On Up

27 10 2011

Hi Everyone,

So sorry for any confusion as we move to a new site to offer even more food for thought at an even bigger table. Please visit :

and also PLEASE RE-SUBSCRIBE to receive posts and updates as we can not transfer our mailing list. Again, apologies for any inconvenience but the digs will be worth the effort.

See you at the new “Eastside, deluxe apartment in the sky” digs.


We’ve Moved!

16 10 2011

If you are reading this from, we’ve moved to a new server. Reconfigure your favorites with:!

Roasted Beet & Jicama Coconut Curry Slaw

12 10 2011

Here’s an amazing side dish to spice up any tailgating party. Give new life to those sliders and dogs with a spicy and bold slaw with roasted beets, jicama and carrots seasoned with coconut milk, curry, honey and a tang of vinegar.

Tap Health Tap

11 10 2011

If you have not checked out the incredibly useful site HealthTap, you need to do so-and why not start with a great commentary on their front page?

Dr. Mike’s Health Tap Editorial


9 10 2011

For those that missed it, here’s our recent bit  on Daytime TV:

A Last Hurrah

7 10 2011

Here’s a last hurrah to the heirloom tomatoes out of the garden; a roasted tomato salad topped simply with good olive oil and balsamic.

Sailing The Atlantic

5 10 2011

Please check out our latest piece published in The Atlantic, exclusively at:

Atlantic Article

The Healthy Planet

5 10 2011

Check out our latest article published over at The Healthy Planet:

Healthy Planet

Basil Magazine

4 10 2011

Have you checked out this month’s Basil Magazine? WHat are you waiting for! Click and go:

Dr. Mike’s Basil Article


3 10 2011

If you get Southern Living’s Daytime TV in your area, tune in today and watch us prepare a delicious fall dish!