We’ve Moved!

16 10 2011

If you are reading this from www.whatscookingwithdoc.wordpress.com, we’ve moved to a new server. Reconfigure your favorites with: www.whatscookingwithdoc.com!

Friday Give-Away!

29 07 2011

Congrats to our latest scub winner, Cindy Evans! Way to go Cindy!!

Doc on DC Radio

11 07 2011

A quick update that Dr. Mike will be on live, Sunday August 14th on Foodie and The Beast, AM 1500 hosted by Nycci Safier Nellis. Join us for a lively discussion!

More from the ‘Bu

20 06 2011

Here are a few more dishes we served at The Event in Malibu: Open  Faced Foie Gras “Sliders”. These were seared torchons of foie gras, on a toasted brioche and microgreens topped with a fig and port wine reduction sauce.

Happy Father’s Day

19 06 2011

A Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there. Here’s a dish to make your taste buds satisfied and your heart happy!

South African Spiced Pan Sauteed Gulf Snapper over Coconut Purple Passion Potatoes, Balsamic Swiss Chard and topped with Tropical Crab Relish

Read more about The Event in Malibu here:  Malibu Event


17 06 2011

Congrats to Holly H, today’s scrub give-away winner!

Dr. Mike and Sous Chef Bryce model the latest Docwear!

Daytime TV

16 06 2011

Don’t forget to see the latest “Doc TV” on Southern Living’s Daytime TV today-usually on a NBC affiliate in the am, but check your local listings. Doc and Cyndi grill up some amazing chicken!

Winner Winner Wear Scrubs to Dinner!

13 05 2011

Congrats to our latest scrub give-away winner, Greg R. from Texas!


25 03 2011

Still got those leftover veggies-Try a stir-fry. Here’s one with a  little fresh and tender chicken. The sauce? Soy, sake, rice wine vinegar, salt, pepper, ginger, garlic, cilantro and sesame oil. Place a little star anise in the rice when you steam for a gentle flavor addition. I reduced the sauce in the wok with a  little corn starch in cold water. If you like a little heat, add some chilies to the sauce as well. Who needs delivery!

Health Whys

25 02 2011

Please feel free to view the local medical television program, Health Whys, in which we discussed Women’s Heart Health Issues:


Health Whys Program link